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Willow Creek Classic
Willow Creek Classic
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Tournament Info
Willow Creek Classic runs
February 15th, 2014 - May 18th, 2014

New Squad times for 2014
Friday: 6pm
Saturday: Noon, 3pm, 6:30pm
Sunday: 11am, 2pm

3 Bracket Divisions for 2014
Major: 199 Avg and below (HDCP*)
Classic: 200 Avg and above (HDCP*)
Scratch: All Bowlers (no HDCP*)

Tournament Handicap
Team Tournament HDCP*  90% of 1125
Singles Event HDCP* 90% of 225
Bracket HDCP* 100% of 235
*Handicap Note - Sport, toughman, challenge, or any lane condition more
difficult than a normal house shot must be reported to Classic official at
time of check-in.
2014 Willow Creek Classic
The following is an update of information for the 2014

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Willow Creek Classic
2014 Willow Creek Classic Highlights as of 3/25/14

Tyler Tschetter of Germantown, WI Converted the 4-6-7-10 for $500

Jason Becher of Green Bay, WI shot the Classic's 1st 300 game and won
a total of $1,325 on the lanes

Todd Reiger of Grafton, WI with a 215 avg. shot games of 277-300-237
for a 814 series.  The 1st ever 800 scratch series shot at the Willow
Creek Classic.  Todd walked off the lanes with $1,395 in cash and the
lead in Singles.

Lancer Pro Shop #3 out of Cedar Rapids, IA almost made history this
year, no team in the Willow Creek Classic has had all 5 bowlers strike out
in the 10th frame. The $2,500 payout for all 5 bowlers striking out in the
10th frame is the only cash payout that has never been made.  The
Lancer Pro Shop team had the first 14 strikes and they left the 3-6 on the
last ball.  Team Members: Shane Stark, Brad Jepson, Scott Rains,
Shannon Buchan and Anchor Bowler Duane Kilzs

Chad Kloss of Milwaukee, WI pick up the 4-6-7-10 split twice for $500 in
cash each time

Ron Scheucher rolled a 299 game for $675 cash

The Leaders of the 2014 Willow Creek Classic
as of 4/24/14
Matt Heesaker
Green Bay, WI
Brian Laurent
Green Bay, WI
Dave Labinski
Milwaukee, WI
Sean Wolfe
Green Bay, WI
Chad Kloss
Milwaukee, WI
Labos Revenge 3373 + 16 pins HDCP = 3389