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Willow Creek Classic
Willow Creek Classic
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Tournament Info
Willow Creek Classic runs
February 14th, 2015 - May 17th, 2015

Squad times for 2015
Friday: 6pm
Saturday: Noon, 3pm, 6:30pm
Sunday: 11am, 2pm

3 Bracket Divisions for 2015
Major: 199 Avg and below (HDCP*)
Classic: 200 Avg and above (HDCP*)
Scratch: All Bowlers (no HDCP*)

Tournament Handicap
Team Tournament HDCP*  90% of 1125
Singles Event HDCP* 90% of 225
Bracket HDCP* 100% of 235
*Handicap Note - Sport, toughman, challenge, or any lane condition more
difficult than a normal house shot must be reported to Classic official at
time of check-in.

e-mail completed blanks to:
Willow Creek Classic
Matt Heesaker
Green Bay, WI
Brian Laurent
Green Bay, WI
Dave Labinski
Milwaukee, WI
Sean Wolfe
Green Bay, WI
Chad Kloss
Milwaukee, WI
Labos Revenge 3373 + 16 pins HDCP = 3389
Bowl in one of the top 10
in-house team tournaments in
the nation.
Over $400,000 paid out in 2014
2014 Willow Creek Classic Champions
2015 Willow Creek
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